Judicial Reform


In all, 23 states use a variation on the Missouri Plan, with 6 using a system nearly identical to the system used in Missouri.

The Missouri Plan allows judges to be appointed regardless of merit or willingness to protect the Constitution. The Adam Smith Foundation believes it is time to improve the Missouri Plan by restoring integrity and accountability to the judicial selection process.

Liberal special interest groups are able to use the Missouri Plan to pack the court with judicial candidates who support their agenda; an agenda which they know the public would never accept, but which they wish to enact through judicial decisions.

The activist judges they have appointed are undermining the Constitution by giving it the meaning they prefer instead of the meaning originally intended by our founders. In case after case involving abortion, the death penalty, workers’ compensation, tort liability, and many other issues, these activist judges have been substituting their own liberal agenda for the law.

The Adam Smith Foundation believes it is time to put an end to this corruption. That is why we support reform efforts which will ensure the appointment of judges who pledge to uphold the Constitution and exhibit humility and judicial restraint.