Venue Reform of Paramount Importance


Today, because of support from conservatives like you, the Adam Smith Foundation was able to launch a series of online ads encouraging support for commonsense lawsuit reforms like those contained in Senate Bill 546 and House Bill 1578.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform, Missouri is currently ranked last in the nation for enforcing venue requirements, and that means our state is attracting lawsuits from out of state targeted solely to take advantage of plaintiff-friendly courts in St. Louis County.  And, other Missouri-based cases are moving to St. Louis solely for the hope of bigger awards.

The focus in a courtroom should be on achieving a just result, but trial lawyers are taking advantage of our judicial system and playing courtrooms like slot machines.  This has to stop, and commonsense venue reforms like those in SB546 and HB1578 will help put an end to the madness.

If you have not yet done so, we hope that you will call your local lawmakers to encourage them to support venue reform.

Labor Bosses Gather $700K For Anti-Right to Work Effort

Union bosses have gathered more than $700,000 for an effort to undermine Missouri’s Right to Work law, which was passed during the 2017 legislative session.  They have sponsored both a referendum to directly invalidate the measure and an initiative that could both repeal the law and prevent it from being offered in the future, and they have utilized misleading ballot language to confuse voters on both.  Please, educate your friends and families about the truth – Right to Work is good for Missouri workers, and we must not let misleading ballot measures invalidate this common sense law.

Suit Filed to Protect Right to Work

Before legislative session began, union leaders filed a series of initiative petitions seeking to preemptively invalidate Right to Work because they knew the bill would pass in 2017. 

Now, three Missourians have launched a lawsuit supported by the National Right to Work Foundation challenging these initiatives, saying the ballot language “fraudulently presents itself as an ‘employees’ rights proposition even though the Proposed Amendment seeks to empower only those ‘employees’ organizing themselves into labor unions and seeking to externalize union costs upon those employees who choose to withhold their support.” 

In effect, they contend that rather than protecting all employees, the initiatives simply allow those who support mandatory union fees to continue imposing their will upon those who would prefer not to pay a union.

These three Missouri workers and the National Right to Work Foundation deserve thanks for their dedication to defending workers’ rights.